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Hotels and travel business lifeline is bookings and in order to entice future bookings, management must see to its good service is accorded to all guests. Staff must be connected to all guests at all times as any interruptions and disconnection may spell disasters and misconnections leading to complaints and bad reviews. With the help of mobile app developers in Sydney, accommodations and tourists-related businesses can now connect with their guests and clients through mobile platforms.

Mobile apps for hotels


With people using mobile phones for most of their computing activities, it’s not surprising that travelers do most of their travel-related computing activities on their mobile phones. A recent study shows that 80% of last-minute bookings are done on mobiles and the conversion rate on apps is 5% higher than conversion made on the mobile web. This means travelers are willing to download travel-related apps such as hotels and travel tours and use them for their future bookings and other travel-related activities such as finding tours and flights.

Other than bookings benefits

Mobile apps developers in Sydney do not limit hotels’ benefits from just securing hotel bookings but ensure hotels’ ability to manage their guest’s experience at the top level through smooth management and uninterrupted daily transactions.  Mobile apps allow hotels’ day-to-day activities to be carried out on mobile phones. Staff and the management are always connected with guests and with all departments even during breaks or on the go. Since guests can use their phones to check-in and out, staffs are free to deliver other functions in ensuring guests’ pleasant experience even when not sitting at the front desks Apps developers create special features that allow guests to have a direct connection with the hotel even when still on flights or not physically present. Such features also include welcoming messages, better deals and loyalties rewards and hotel’s future promotional deals and offers. The good thing about mobile apps for the hotel is it allows guests to use any platforms such as iOS and Androids. Androids apps developers, on the other hand, create tools on the apps that allow Android phones users to maximize the app’s functions while using Android phones.

Mobile apps also allow hotels and travel businesses real-time communications with their guests and once guests download their app, it’s the beginning of their “relationship” with the guests giving them the opportunity to place offers while responding to the guest’s placed request. With mobile apps, developers in Sydney, hotels and travel businesses are offering real-time opportunities and communication on both ends of the line.

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