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Nothing spells a vacation better than going to the stylish beach resorts and lying there without a care in the world. The only problem is where to get the best resorts in the world that not only offer you the best coastline and sunshine but also service as well as a chance to mingle with likeminded people. While there are so many countries in the world as well as islands not all can guarantee the same stylish beach feeling but here are a few that you can be guaranteed will never disappoint and will surpass your expectations.


Now that is a name that you expected to hear somewhere in here but you didn’t anticipate it would be among the best stylish beach resort destinations in the world. Bahamas is well known for its world class hotels, its three national parks as well as the underground caves. However, the 3 hour ferry ride to the Andros Island is the one that you might pick a particular interest with in this particular case. Andros Island in the Bahamas offers you more than sun bathing and taking a deep in the water but also a chance to go deep sea diving as well as a chance to go deep sea fishing for a variety of fish that include the blue Marlin.


While the western part of this Dutch island is dominated by luxury hotels, chic shopping and casinos, a trip the ritzy eastern path has a lot of beaches and activities that would drive anyone wild. Some of the most attractive activities are the horse and jeep rides, sky diving and snorkeling. If you’re particularly interested in getting wet, then the northeastern part of this island could be the best part yet as it creates a haven for divers thanks to a sunken 400 foot German World War II freighter.

Dominican Republic.

For a long time, this has been a tourist haven for European visitors and more so its resort city known as Punta Cana. It is home to Bavaro Beach. While this particular beach maybe quite busy, its white sand and clear waters are more than most people could have imagined. The best part is that this beach is not like any other conventional beach that you may have heard of. It incorporates the old and conventional beach activities with the current technology which includes Wi-Fi and satellite. That way no matter how refreshing the sun is, you don’t have to keep running back to your hotel room to check on your friends or stay up to date with the latest trends.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that this Caribbean paradise is also home to some of the most exotic and stylish beaches in the world. With miles of coastline and amazing beaches, the impressive Rastafarian culture not to mention the great food, everything about this country is just amazing. An especially great stylish steal is the Casa Blanca Beach Hotel which to say the least is amazing and ideally located. It is among the places that you should not miss when in Jamaica.

There is a hoard of great stylish beach resorts but these offer an experience that can’t be matched elsewhere and the fact that they offer a variety of other services to keep you active just sets the bars even higher.

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