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Accurate costing is a key step in every building maintenance project. Facility managers need to know exactly, for example, how much commercial painting would cost before scheduling it. You need to be aware of the budget size you must allot on the project before giving it a go signal. This way, you know if you can allot for it and if it is realistic, given the amount of money you have.

Determining factors affecting the cost

hotel_mngt2There are several factors to consider when estimating costs for a building project, big and small. First, there is the size of the space. If you are getting a commercial painting job, in particular, you need to know the total square footage that you will be covering with paint. The areas that will not be painted, like the doors and windows, must be subtracted from the total length and height of the wall.

After determining the amount of space that you need to cover for commercial painting, you have to establish the materials that you need for the project. How many gallons of paint and how many different colors, the number of brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and paint trays should you invest on?

You also have to factor in the cost of manual labor that you will need to finish the project. In this case, you need to make an estimate how many people you need to get involved in the job based on the period of time that you want it accomplished. Naturally, you need to get more people to work if you want the job finished in as little time as possible. Lastly, you need to consider overhead costs, which may involve fuel, equipment rental, and insurance, among others.

For other projects involving building maintenance in Sydney, you have to pay attention to mostly the same factors: the size of the area that needs attention, the materials required, the labor costs, and miscellaneous fees that you might require in handling the project. Other elements may be factored in, depending on the specific type of project that you have in the pipeline.

Effective facility maintenance in Sydney is mostly dependent on the manager’s ability in planning, scheduling, and executing the project. You have to keep your drafts organize so when it is time to start, you will not have anything to think about than to supervise how it is going. The project needs your full attention to ensure that progress is being made every step of the way.

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