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Tired of the same, old places you go out to have a meal? Well, there is a lot out there that you may not have discovered. Restaurants in the world range from simple to the weirdest, depending on how they do things. Life is short, many people say, so make sure you see it all. Go wherever you can because new things keep coming up. The creativity of man knows no bounds.

maldives_underwaterOne amazing location is in Ithaa, Maldives. It is located 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean and can house about twelve to fourteen people. Moreover, it has a 180 degree acrylic see through dome. This comes between you and the dazzling array of sea creatures. It is a gorgeous and intimate setting that is suitable for nature-lovers.

In Taiwan, there is an eatery that is definitely different from the rest. Food is served in toilet-shaped dinnerware. I do not get it. Who wants to be reminded of a toilet while eating? There is nothing enjoyable about that in my opinion. This totally unique move by the owner of this place, has earned him success. A string of similar restaurants have therefore been opened.

For those in love with heights, there is a diner in the sky for you to enjoy your meals. This idea is said to have originated from Belgium and many people have followed suit. Here, guests are seat belted to a table that is attached to a crane. It is then elevated 165 feet in the sky and guests hover in the sky as they eat. If you love heights, this is for you.

In Japan, monkeys are hired to work in the Izakaya Kayabuki eatery. I use the term ‘hire’ while the owner considers them as pets. No offense, but am I going to eat or to a zoo? I would literally be scared stiff and shaking like a leaf. I have a lot of reservations on this one though. Are the monkeys even aware of the hygienic standards that should be observed?

There is also the Rogue 24 diner in America. This has taken eating out to a whole other level. One has to sign a two page contract agreeing to what you can and cannot do. Among the things you cannot do is take pictures or anything that involves using your phone. Wait, are we back to school where there are rules to follow? No! Some of us are grown and just cannot do rules- well, some rules.

Also on my list is Dick’s Last Resort. This one is just funny. Imagine people going out of their way to find rude and abusive employees who we would normally want fired. The hired staff is encouraged to be rude as this, i assume, will bring them more customers. The good thing is that the clients are in on this and consider it childish and funny.

If you are in search of a unique dining experience, above are some examples of the weirdest places in the world you can go to. These restaurants will either take your breath away or just shock you. There a lot of things that your eyes have not seen. What are you waiting for? Grab a couple of friends and go on this adventure!

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