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Sydney is a beautiful city no matter what season of the year. Since thousands of people flock to this place every year, the city offers various types of accommodation that answers the purpose of any visitor. Sydney boasts a wide range of accommodations to choose from. Whether your reason for stay is business, education or pleasure, sure you will find decent furnished apartments to rent inner Sydney. All these come in rates that are affordable for the pocket. Here are your choices:


Furnished Accommodation SydneyHomestay is a good option for students who want to improve on their English skills. This is a type of accommodation where the student will be living with an Australian. If you opt for this choice, you will be given a private furnished bedroom with private toilet and bath. In this kind of set-up, you are given the opportunity to immerse with the culture and lifestyle of a traditional Australian family. Apart from that, you are provided with a clean and spacious room where you can study and have a peaceful sleep every night. Usually, homestay accommodation is located close to the business district and public transport. This allows the renter to reach amenities and facilities by foot. Hence, travel expense can be saved.

Short-term Accommodation

If you arrive in Sydney without any accommodation arranged, the best option is to rent a short term Accommodation Sydney. You can either use a hotel, hostel or small apartment that is close to the business area. Since it is called short-term, you can rent the place for a week or two until you can find your choice of long-term accommodation. Within the period of your stay, you don’t need to worry about basic comforts because your unit is completely furnished just right to keep you comfortable. Being close to downtown is an advantage because you get to enjoy basic amenities without taking a cab or train.

Private Rental Accommodation

If your purpose of stay in Sydney is study or business project, private rental accommodation is a good option. You can avail of boutique furnished accommodation Sydney in the form of apartments or flats that provide self-catering services. Private rental accommodation can be found all over Sydney including suburban areas, which are close to public transport. Going to your campus or workplace takes about 10 minutes to 1 hour travel time. Rates are affordable as well and if you plan to live with another student or colleague, you can split on the rent and save more on your accommodation expense.

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