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Everyone is familiar with the city of Dubai, isn’t that so? Seven-star, high-rolling, and brash- a travel to Dubai is the perfect opportunity for you to drop off loads of cash and enjoy indoors away from the heat. However, in recent years Dubai has started attracting a large number of adventure travallers with a host of options for top adventure sports.

You may find it too great a temptation to spend a lounging Dubai vacation, sprawling out in the hot sun. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of adrenaline-charged, high-octane activity in this corner of the world. You can go out and enjoy outdoor adventures in the sea and sand (and also, if you wish, in the snow). For those who have a need for speed, they can go for a F1-style racing, sliding, skiing, or wakeboarding. The best part of it all, every adventure sport location is located quite close to one another- a short taxi ride and you will be at your destination.

Skydiving: Amazing images dominate the man-made skyline in Dubai- luxury hotels designed to look like chandeliers, the tallest building in the world, sand islands resembling the world map, you have it all! Many individuals consider the best way to experience the beauty of these 21st century wonders is to jump off a Cessna aircraft and plummet towards these structures at unimaginable speeds.

dubai_marinaThe Dubai Marina is from where the jumpers take off before tumbling out of the plane over the Palm Jumeirah, strapped to an instructor for the experience of an instant adrenalin rush. When the chute opens, they can relax and focus on the gorgeous views stretching out beneath them while descending gently towards the Palm Drop Zone that has been built specifically for this purpose.

Mountain biking: For the devoted mountain bikers whose impression of Dubai is limited to dust and soft dunes, it is time to wisen up- just as so many already have! The Hajar Mountains to the east of Dubai, that run through to Oman along the Ras al-Khaimah emirate, offer a labyrinth of exquisite biking trails that even the experts may find difficult to tackle.

Bikers won’t be alone on their travels. Snakes, lizards, mountain goats, and wild donkeys are some of the other living creatures likely to be encountered on the tour. Marked by rough grounds and steep climbs, the tracks are difficult to get around. While not suitable for the novices, experienced bikers will enjoy the challenge on offer.

Skiing and snowboarding: The central region of Dubai is home to a huge refrigerator. Here one can come across the largest man-made ski slope the planet has ever seen. Known as the Ski Dubai, this place has a 400-meter slope made out of 6000 tons of powdery snow. With temperatures shifting between the -2 degrees to -9 degrees Centigrade mark, this place feels more like the Swiss Alps rather than a sweltering desert area in the Middle East.

Speed skiing is not ideal in this place, although some teenagers seem to enjoy themselves in doing so. For those who wish to familiarize themselves with the basics or hone their skiing techniques, Ski Dubai is a good place to get started. There is also a small colony of penguins that the tourists can visit, thus giving themselves an opportunity to pet these sub-Arctic creatures and also watch them have a training session.

Wakeboarding and kitesurfing: Large parts of the Dubai coastline is occupied by residenial real estate and prime hotel properties, signifiying that much of the territory is present in private hands. Umm Suqiem, a stretch of beach sitting in the quiet shadow of the luxuriant, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel, is a place that is not off limits to travellers. In recent years, this place has emerged as a hot destination for adventure enthusiasts who are interested in kitesurfing and wakeboarding activities.

While kitesurfing is a fledgling activity starting to gain popularity, wakeboarding has been around for quite some time. The adrenalin factor in this adventure sport always seems to hold itself, irrespective of whether an individual is an expert flipper or a novice learning their first jump.

Sailing and windsurfing: Benign waters surround the locales of Dubai, with the wind following a set, easy-to-forecast pattern for the better part of the year. These conditions make for the perfect experience of sailing with the smallest of crafts being good enough for exploring the inshore waters as per one’s free time. Numerous water sports clubs and centers have come up to offer training to the beginners. They also offer boat rental services to the visitors. At the larger hotels and resorts, adventure sports enthusiasts can also rent windsurfing gear while possibly requiring to pay a nominal rental charge.

Conclusion: These are only a few of the top adventure sports you can enjoy in this plush Middle-East city. There are a large number of specialized services who can arrange for these adrenalin-pumping sporting activities in the best of locations. It is advisable that before you travel to Dubai, make arrangements for your adventure sports with one of these organizers to know where you can avail the best deals and enjoy yourself to the fullest with the very best of thrills and spills.

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