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Are you in the final stages of planning your honeymoon? If you want an exotic destination, you can opt to spend your first days as husband and wife in Thailand. You can luxuriate at the beach, get lost in the city or head to the mountains, and stay at one of the well-appointed Thai villas on offer.

The country has plenty of sights to explore and an abundance of dishes you absolutely would have to sample. Similarly, staying at the array of luxurious Thai villas will afford you an experience like no other.

Villa Living Pros

pool-633840_640If you have a choice to spend your much-awaited honeymoon in a destination villa, then by all means, grab the chance. Thai villas are equipped with an array of amenities that you will not find in any hotel, five-star or budget.

In Phuket, Thailand’s biggest province, you can make your tropical getaway dreams come true. There you can take in as much vitamin sea as you need, while also having access to the mountainside for some hiking, if you so wish. There are many Phuket villas you can choose to stay at. You can have a place all for your twosome, with your own pool, a spacious bath and complimentary Wi-Fi to boot.

You can also opt for a prolonged stay in Thailand and visit yet another island in the country. Ko Samui is renowned for its beautiful Chaweng Beach, where you can find yourself in the middle of everything. There you will be a stone’s throw away from the island’s best bars, restaurants, as well as the top shopping havens.

But at the end of the day, you can take pleasure in retreating to your very own intimate paradise, by booking one of the luxury villas for rent in Ko Samui. Enjoy appointed butler service that will take care of all your needs and your own personal chef to prepare dishes that you crave. You can also take advantage of the wide array of spa services on offer. Enjoy a relaxing one or two-hour massage treatment together with your husband/wife all in the comforts of your rented villa.

After reaping the benefits of a luxurious massage and treatment, you can sit back and unwind in your very own living area, which may afford you spectacular views of the beach as the sun sets. There you can bask in the precious time away from work and home to be alone with your beloved spouse. Now that’s what you call an ideal honeymoon.

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