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The city of Angels, this is the usual name or nickname given to Los Angeles. This city is considered most populous in California and the second largest in population in the whole USA next to the city of New York. Los Angeles or LA for short is a city that went through a lot just like any other country for it to be what it is today. This city is wrapped in a historical plot building up its culture, tradition and the image it has today. The city of LA is both flat and hilly wherein the highest point is located at the San Fernando Valley around its north-eastern end while the eastern end is the Santa Monica Mountains that stretches from downtown to the Pacific Ocean. There are also hilly places in Los Angeles like the Mt. Washington, Boyle Heights, and the San Pedro district. As you can see, there is more to Los Angeles than the usual city sights.

hollywoodAside from the hills and the usual sights, LA is also rich in native plants such as the California poppy, Coast live Oak, Toyon, Giant Wildrye, and Matilija poppy. These native plants grow in the lands of Los Angeles due to the diverse landscape and wide habitats.

The city of Los Angeles is a good place for travelling since it has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate that is good for strolling in a mid-day with just enough annual precipitation.

Now focusing on the destinations of Los Angeles, there are 80 districts in the city, in which most are incorporated places and community in which they are annexed by the city. You can visit the city that is divided into different areas such as the Baldwin Hills, Venice, Harbour Area, Greater Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Wilshire and the Westside. These different divisions can showcase a great deal of everything since Los Angeles is often called the Creative Capital of the world. This is proven with the fact that one in every six workers in this city works in a creative industry. The art industry of this city has blossomed through the years. Another fact to this is the Los Angeles is the home of the globally recognized motion picture industry, Hollywood.

Besides these local destinations, you can also find museums and galleries in the city where you can watch in awe the wonderful artifacts from the past. Some of the famous and well known museum in Los Angeles is Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Getty Center and many more.

Los Angeles is not called the city of angels for no reason; this city can offer a lot to many tourists, travelers and even locals visitors.

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