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Professional slate roofing company in Sydney does not only offer roof repairs and restoration works. Part of their offers includes simple roof cleaning and resealing for cement and metal roofs. Serviced apartments in Sydney catering to tourists with short and long term stay rely on a roof maintenance Sydney to keep their property’s top to bottom appearance well-maintained.

Serviced apartments’ prices are dependent on the models, size and locations. A single room bungalow house is much cheaper than with two or more rooms. Most are with provision of kitchen and small appliances such as stove, refrigerator and heater. Most of them have regular cleaning services for carpets, sink and drainage.

mlr_2Besides keeping the interior clean, serviced apartment owners and hosts make sure the exterior are also kept clean by scheduled regular cleaning service by roof maintenance Sydney. A cement-tiled model roof is commonly cleaned with high pressure-wash however this is not recommended by roof manufacturers. Slate roofing Sydney also advises against this common option of using high-pressure wash as high powered jet wash can damage the surface of the slate or tile resulting to shortened life expectancy. Instead, professional roofing companies in Sydney use special cleaning techniques that ensure tiles are not damaged and are thoroughly cleaned. With this service, tourist occupants are ensured to be living under a roof that is safe and secured.

Besides keeping the tile roof, serviced apartment owners are helped by professional slate roofing company to choose colors for special sun reflecting coats in order to reduce heat absorption and helps in reducing air conditioning cost. Those with copper roofing, owners get advised by copper roofing Sydney to use appropriate chemical treatments for cleaning copper roofing for even tone.

With occupants needing quiet and undisturbed place, professional slate roofing company does the job such as inspecting, cleaning, and restoring in very discreet way to avoid any annoying noise or movement.  Sam, a transient tourist from France had this story to tell. He rented a serviced apartment up north of Sydney and was advised by his host that a roof inspection by his regular roof maintenance Sydney is up on that day and asked for apology for any inconvenience that might caused him. The roofing company came and worked that day and Sam was surprised to learn the next day, the work is finished without any noise or movement that could have disturbed his peace. He couldn’t believe such attitude can be found on professional slate roofing company in Sydney.

Best services and good working attitude – professional slate roofing company in Sydney has it all.

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