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This scenario can happen to anyone. Imagine, you are out of town, enjoying some quality time with the family in a serviced apartment. Then, you realize that the shower is leaking! This definitely calls for an emergency shower leaking repair! You would not want this trouble to hamper your family’s holiday.

leaky_shower3But wait, it’s not just the impact on your quality of vacation that should prompt you for calling the skilled repair people immediately. A leaking shower could cause a lot of trouble in more ways than one. Here are the top reasons you should not take this sitting down and call up the services for shower leaking repair pronto.

  • A leaking shower promotes unsafe conditions. When there’s a leak, there is uncontrolled water getting everywhere. That makes slipping incidents more likely, especially for the oldies and the young kids. If you leave the shower leaking repair unattended to, you may risk the family some serious consequences.
  • A leaking shower may encourage mould growth. Now here’s another threat, this time to your health. Mould and mildew may form anywhere it is damp. When there’s a leak in the shower, the amount of moisture in the bathroom increases, encouraging mould to grow at an unbelievable rate. And no, it is not just expensive to have the mould removed. It can also carry lots of bacteria that your family may be exposed to if not acted on straight away.
  • A leaking shower is associated with higher water costs. Even if you are just in a serviced apartment and this may not affect you because it was the landlord’s problem to worry about, you must still feel concerned. Why would you allow the landlord of your service apartment pay the price when you can politely ask them to attend to the shower leak and have it repaired immediately?

A leaking shower sure is annoying. But apart from being annoying, disallowing you to enjoy your bath time to the fullest, you must remember that leaving it unrepaired may have the problem blown out into the proportion. You must also be concerned at the amount of water going to waste, the water bill that’s going to increase, and the structural damage it could cause to the bathroom. If it is not your own place and you are just renting for a vacation, none of those issues may affect you terribly. But be considerate; think about the person who may suffer from the damage. Shower leaks must be dealt with instantly. You may even suggest shower waterproofing so none of these troubles happens in the future.

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