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Buying and Maintenance Tips for Bed Linens

Sleeping on a bed with the perfect sheets makes resting time more relaxing and pleasant. Therefore, it is important to buy the right bed linens for your bedroom set and provide the needed care and maintenance.linen1

Before investing on bedding ornaments, use these guidelines to end up with an excellent deal.

Check on the different bedding options

There are various kinds of bedding options and all these differ in size, texture and quality. Depending on your needs, you can either choose from following: cotton bed linen, cotton percale bed linen, cotton sateen bed linen, Egyptian cotton bed linen, Poly-cotton blend bed linen, ordinary linen, silk bed linen and bamboo bed linen. As soon as you step in a bed & bath store or home depot, you will find tons of bed linens that come in various brands and prices. If you are unsure on which linen is best, read the labels and feel the texture of each fabric to determine which material suits you.

Understand the thread counts     

Thread count in linens refers to the quantity of fibers that are woven in each square inch of the sheet. It is worth noting that the better quality of linens whether cotton sheets or silk sheets, are those with the higher thread count. Thread counts come in different numbers ranging from 80 to 1000. In order to understand this feature better, ask help from the merchandise clerk so you get the best-quality sheets.

Check on the ply

The quality of the bedding linen also depends on the ply. This refers to the number of individual yards used in the creation of one strand of fiber. One yarn is used to make single ply while two yarns are used for a two-ply.

The responsibility of owning a bed linen set or comforter set doesn’t stop by merely buying the most expensive or perfect one. There is a need to practice proper care and maintenance for these investments to last for a long period.

Wash bed linens and pillowcases periodically. As a rule of thumb, do the washing every six weeks. Make sure to use non-non-biological detergent that do not contain enzymes or bleaching agents as this can cause fabric fading. Always read the buyer’s guide when washing linens using the washing machine. If possible, dry linens under the sun as this serve as a natural brightener and disinfectant. Avoid frequent tumble-drying as this can make the sheets shrink. Iron linen while they are quite damp. This makes the sheets perfectly flat and smooth. Wash silk linens by hand for the first three to four washes. After this period, you can apply machine wash however choose the gentlest setting and use mild detergent only.

By applying the right buying tips and proper care to your bed linens, you can surely have a blissful sleep every night.

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