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Common Wedding Problems Cinematographers can Solve

Remember the years when we used to watch wedding home videos on TV and we laugh at them because of the bloopers? It was those VHS days when wedding cinematographers weren’t so popular. The shots were so grainy, there’s a huge time stamp on the video, and has no regard for visual aesthetics. But thank goodness video technology has evolved so much since then that wedding videos now are such a far cry from those of our parents’.

Moneysmart reports that the average Australian wedding costs AU$36,000. That’s a good portion of a year’s salary and the expenses go up further as the wedding gets more elaborate and fancy. Imagine spending all that money, only to find out that your wedding video was all but a 90’s callback because you hired an amateur or worse, a random friend who has a smartphone. All the money you spent and your best memories will be remembered in the worst possible way because you failed to get a wedding film agency. Here are three common problems that wedding cinematographers can actually solve for you.

Blurry video and photos

Even the most sophisticated cameras fail in the hands of an untrained person. Blurry images and videos are very common problems in almost any event. It’s so easy to take pictures of still objects but when moving objects like brides walking down the aisle can be more challenging for an amateur. Wedding cinematographers can solve this easily with the kind of equipment they use. Gimbals, for example, are special kinds of stabilizers that reduce shake and blurriness while moving. They’re also more trained to handle the camera so even with limited equipment, every shot will be crystal clear.

Poor lighting

Many consider lighting as the cornerstone of cinematography. Many of the most memorable photos and movies are a result of impressive lighting techniques. But lighting can be tricky especially during weddings. Indoor weddings, for example, have dimmer lighting than outdoor weddings. Without flash, the photo or video is underexposed. If a typical flash is used, it becomes overexposed, and not mention intrusive. Wedding cinematographers can handle these situations better because they’ve studied the art of lighting. By combining natural light and artificial light, they can implement the best way to make their shots natural and well-composed.

Bad editing

There are times when you have a wedding coverage team that’s so good at taking photos and videos but when you see the final product, it’s a terrible mess. This is a common problem with amateurs. They tend to impress with the wonderful equipment they have, and some wonderful shots they did. But when it comes to editing, they fail miserably to tell the story of your wedding day. Masterful editing can only be done in the hands of an award-winning wedding cinematographer. It is a technical skill that you can only earn over time and experience.

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