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How Grouts Can Help Elevate Your Shower Experience

For a typical Australian home, the shower is the wettest part of the household. And to waterproof this space means getting the best waterproof grout for showers. Grouts play a huge role in waterproofing not only your shower but your whole home. Tiled floorings are usually filled with this paste in the gaps after laying out the tiles with mortar. As a result, a visible grid pattern can be seen. Even with tiles that have closer gaps (or sometimes when gaps don’t seem noticeable), grouts are still applied. 

Grouts help with the durability of shower tiles since many of them are made of ceramic. Tiles alone can easily chip off (especially the corners) when force is applied like dropping a heavy object. An epoxy grout shower is usually added to the shower design to prevent this but they also provide other essential benefits:

Seals out dirt and grime

There’s nothing more disgusting than walking barefoot to a shower that’s filled with black molds and icky mildew. When a floor is always wet, these tend to form in the tile gaps. A poorly applied grout or having no grout will cause an accumulation of dirt, grime, and even dead skin cells which are invisible to the human eye. Even parasites and worms can invade tile gaps. For situations like these, it is best to get the best waterproof grout for showers to make your shower experience less disgusting and more enjoyable.

Prevents water seepage

Tiles that have poor quality grout (or the absence thereof) suffer from water seepage issues in your shower. Without a grout, water from underneath your house, especially during the rainy season, can rise up from the tile gaps and inundate your home from the inside. Sometimes, even soil and sediments can also emerge causing dirt and mud in your shower. Again the best waterproof grout for showers will prevent this seepage and keep your shower and bathroom tiles intact.

Ensures safety

Tiles with clear gaps and no grout can also damage your feet since the sharp corners of ceramic tiles are exposed. It’s definitely uncomfortable but most of all, it can hurt a toe or two. It can also be a health hazard for younger ones as tiles with no grout can expose kids to parasites, worms and other water-loving critters. Sealing a shower with grout and silicone can make a shower space more hygienic to use and safe for anyone. 

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