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How to Take Care of Water Damaged Carpets

carpet_water_damaged1Carpets inevitably become dirty. This can be caused by the elements or even your shoes. Water damage carpet cleaning is the biggest problem you will ever encounter since this ruins your carpet. This is because the area is susceptible for mold and mildew growth. It is also common for homeowners to be unaware of the bacteria growing under their carpet. As such, it is necessary to remove this before the problem becomes worse.

To combat it, one must be ready to scrub their carpets with bleach. This acts as a disinfectant getting rid of the mold on the carpet. One can also try commercial floor dryers that will do the scrubbing for you. Primarily, to take care of your carpet, you must remove the source of water immediately. This may be a leaking roof or pipe. When you’re done, use a vacuum that will suck the water from the carpet as much as it can. It is similar to mattress cleaning except you have a larger space to work on.

The second step is to utilize fans to dry the carpet, which can take days to completely dry. It is estimated that it will take a week or more to completely dry out the carpet. To help speed the process, you can also use a dehumidifier that will remove moisture in the room. A dehumidifier also helps reduce mold and mildew growth. It works because it dries the air and subsequently, the floors in the process. After your carpet has dried, it is necessary to steam clean it that will add sanitation to your room.

The sanitation process is important to water damage carpet cleaning as this will involve using bleach to get the bacteria out. It is vital that you do this as mold and mildew can have damaging effects on the health. It can be a source of eye and nose irritants and in the worst case even cause asthma and allergies.

It is common that carpet cleaning Sydney is a do-it yourself project. It is prone to areas where flooding and power outages occur. These steps will be helpful in learning how to clean up the damage once flooding has receded.

Lastly, one has to check their furniture for any water damage since water can be trapped underneath. Remove all of the furniture and assess if your carpets were affected. If so, follow the steps listed above as part of your water damage carpet cleaning project.

Wrong way of cleaning carpets can result to more damage, so have it cleaned by professionals. Go for http://www.drytechcarpetcleaning.com.au/ instead.

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