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Important Notes When Readying a Spray Tan Experience

Still a spray tan virgin? Oftentimes, before you’ll be able to get what works best for your skin, you need to try different spray tanning solutions. And in most cases, what you choose depends on what  kind of look you’re after, either you want a super dark tan, medium bronze, natural glow tan or golden brown tan.  Here are some important notes on spray or self-tanning solutions and learn more before having the experience.

Most spray or self-tanning solutions are DHA-based

tanning2Most sunless tanning products are DHA-based, which is not a dye or paint but causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the top layer of skin. DHA is more attached to the dead skin cells and the chemical reaction produces the brown color. The “fake tan” does not last long since dead skin is shed off constantly.  DHA is known as a non-toxic chemical and it is not absorbed by the body hence it is tagged as safe.  However, DHA has some kind of smell that’s why many spray tanning solutions contain fragrances to help mask the odor and allow users to enjoy the experience more.

Preparation, application and after care are important

Preparation, application and after care play important role in getting that perfect glow and tan. Most spray tanning solutions provide client instructional handout to ensure they get the full benefits of the products.  Showering, exfoliating and removing body hair is a must before the tanning session. Clients are advised not to apply moisturizers, deodorants or make-up before the tanning sessions. Long hair should be tied or in a pony tail and hair must be off of face and neck. Following the pre-tan preparation helps in getting the best results once you get out from the spray tanning machine.  After the tanning session, clients are also advised to avoid sweating or bathing for 6 to 8 hours.

Professional spray tan has better advantage

There are plenty of home kit spray tan in the market and one can self-tan by using these home spray tan kit however professional spray tan done in spa salons and spray tan clinics have better advantage.   Professionals have to obtain licenses in order to operate so clients have less risks in getting infected caused by mishandling of the solution used and the machines. Most obtained their licenses after complying with strict health and occupational regulation such as obtaining certifications in tanning courses from government recognized and accredited training institutions that ensure clients get professionalized services.

So, before jumping in to that spray tan booth, make sure you’re well-informed and prepared so there’s no way you can’t get the perfect tan you’ve been dying for.

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