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Investing on Real Estate Property in Bali

Owning a piece of paradise is a dream for many people. But, for others Bali Villas for sale is the solution. This is not a trick rather it’s one way for a non-local to own property in Bali at an affordable cost. A foreigner owning land or any type of property is not allowed in Indonesia. However, due to the ownership and corporation rules, it’s possible to have a piece of a Bali property through legal and simple manner.

Suffice to say that Bali Villas for sale is not going to be a problem if you’re a foreign principal to a corporation. This is a common and legitimate legal method used in many other countries. For an investor or co-owner of a company, the property is owned by the company. Because the foreign investor is also required to visit very often, the company has to provide for lodging. In this case, the company can be in the business of renting-out condominiums or other property. With a property investment company, part of its assets would be the villa, which it would be renting-out as a matter of doing business.

bali_realty2Bali itself is in the midst of a property boom. Bali Villas for sale are experiencing increased demand, and supply has not been able to keep up. Aside from the beaches, and the year-round tropical climate, Bali, like the rest of Indonesia is a safe haven for foreigners and tourists. It is very welcoming and accommodating. There are requirements to become a foreign investor in Indonesia, however, these can be easily met, and the company approved to operate and within three to four months, the company can own a villa as part of the startup assets.

There are a lot of land, villas, and other property for sale Bali. This is not just a tourist boom, but also an investment advantage. In graphical terms, the boom started as a direct result of the 1997 PMA rule. In essence, the rule says that foreigners can own companies in Indonesia without the need of a local partner. There are of course requirements that would prove that there is a business, that there is money coming into the country, and that the investment will benefit Indonesia. The processing may take from three to four months, but once that is done, the company can buy its own villa, and using this as part of its investment.

It can be argued that the property is now wholly owned by the company or the investor, for that matter. The property is under a lease agreement that lasts for 25 years that can be extended for another 30 years, for a total of 55 years. This is a long time, and for all practical intents and purposes, is more than enough time for the company to recoup its investment. Land for sale in Bali is included in the PT or PMA agreement.

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