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Knowing your Car Suspension and Fixing It

Knowing how to drive a car does not just stop there, but rather it is also important to know each of its parts so that when the car breaks down, we have an idea how to fix it.  It may also be our guide to safety and survival in case something happens on the road and there is no one to help us fix it.

Many of us may not be so knowledgeable on cars, and perhaps most does not even really know anything about it aside from driving it.  What can be an amazing fact for someone who does not really know a car’s suspension is that it comes in variations as well.  It is interesting to know that there are different types of suspensions for different terrains.

A 4 Wheel Drive Suspension for example raises the ground clearance of the car to make it maneuverable to all kinds of terrains.  The higher the suspension, the better it is for a 4 Wheel Drive type of vehicle.  One type of suspension for the 4 wheel drive vehicle is the Double Wishbone Front Suspension that is usually used in vehicles such as Mitsubishi’s Pajero and GM Holden’s Jackaroo.

carsuspensionFor Racing Suspension on the other hand, there are several types like say for circuit racing, it usually uses hard suspension for a more rigid and stable ride to give an improved performance.  As for a rally, its suspension is far more varied because it uses different suspensions to match the different terrains.  Unlike in a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle where the suspension raises the car, the suspension in a racing car lowers the riding height of the car to lower the center gravity thus allowing the car to move faster.

AMG Suspension though is best suited for Mercedes Benz cars because AMG is the racing arm of the brand that is why its products are especially made to bring out the best performance of any Mercedes vehicle.

The suspension is an essential part of a car because it is what connects the wheels to the body of the car and it is the one responsible for making the ride comfortable and detaches the passengers from outside noise, bumps as well as vibrations.  It is therefore important that the suspension be always in good condition.

When you sense that something is wrong with your car’s suspension, check first the nuts and the bolts before going for replacement.  You may also try to grease the joints or replace any worn out parts because the suspension system is made up of several linkages so it is important that each of its components is working properly.  In most cases, you must replace the entire set.

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