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Temporary Fencing in Sydney for Safety

Traveling around Sydney on foot is definitely one of the best ways to experience all the beautiful sights and sounds of the city. Despite the hustle and bustle on the streets, I felt the spirit of Sydney and learned so much about it. I did wonder about the temporary fencing in some streets, though.orange_temporary_fencing

Apparently, there was an ongoing construction of a building. When I’m travelling, I like to talk to locals since it is one way of learning more about the place I’m visiting. So, when some of the workers came out of the construction area, I asked about those steel and concrete fencing I saw.

They explained that these are for the safety of the public and those who are working on site. And in an ever-growing city like Sydney, one will surely see different kinds of temporary fencing all over the place.

Interestingly, these fences are not owned by the construction company. According to one of the engineers I’ve spoken to, they rent it from a third party company. He explained that it is wiser and more cost-effective to do so because after the construction is finished, they would not have any need for these anymore.

And the city, it would seem, has a lot of these fencing and concrete barrier hire Sydney companies. I assumed it is because there are a lot of road widening, repairs and building constructions going on. There is a high demand for it after all. And a huge city like Sydney would definitely have a supply for it too.

On my fourth day in Sydney, I decided to rent a car and drive around. While I was buying gas, I noticed metal plates on the ground and, again, wondered why those were there. Being the nosy person that I am, I asked.

The cashier at the gas station said that there were repairs being done on their site and that it will take a couple of weeks before it would be finished. He, too, said that they rent those from a road plate hire Sydney Company. The metal plates, he added, are for their customer’s safety.

According to the cashier, the companies offering site perimeter equipment are also the same ones renting out ground equipment for safety.

At a tourist’s point of view, it is quite interesting to see how Sydney makes safety one of their primary concerns. These temporary fencing may be provisional but the safety of both the locals and tourists are indispensable.

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