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Things to Do In Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in South Australia is a nature preserve that compose of natural tourist attractions both water and land. The island offers the picturesque golden beaches, gigantic virgin forests and awesome wild life. There’s so much to see and places to explore. While in Australia, plan a trip to Kangaroo Island and choose a luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island for a worry-free vacation.   

Here are recommended places to visit and things to do in the island:

Lighthouse Tour

Kangaroo Island’s northwestern part is where you can see one of the oldest lighthouses in the entire continent – CapeBorda. The lighthouse was constructed in 1858 and it is still standing strong for a century and a half. Walks are provided in the island with a guided tour from 11am to 2pm. Hours are extended during the summer holidays. The lighthouse is a must-see during your exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island.

Kelly Hill Conservation Parkkangaroo3

The Kelly Hill Conservation Park was discovered in 1880. The origin of this park is based on the story of a horse named Kelly. The horse fell through a hole, which is known as the dry limestone caves. Since then, this place became a famous attraction and eventually resulted to a show cave tour. Other sites to visit are the Hanson Bay Walk, Mallee Scrub and the freshwater wetlands. All these are included in the cave tour. Spend one day from your packaged getaway Kangaroo Island to explore Kelly Hill from early morning to late afternoon. Food stores and restaurants are available, therefore you don’t need to worry about the day’s meals

Oyster Farm Shop

The Oyster Farm Shop is one of the seafood houses in the island. This shack offers an array of seafood produces from oysters to abalone to marron. Depending on the day’s catch, you can be lucky to have a taste of the barramundi. You have the option to have them cooked or take them home raw. Oysters are the specialty of the house and you can enjoy a feast of this at only $8.50. The Oyster Farm Shop is run by a local, and that all sustainable seafood products from the entire Kangaroo Island are available here.

Flinders Chase National Park

On the western part of the Island is the beautiful Flinders Chase National Park. This is known as one of the top national parks in South Australia because of its pristine rivers and well-preserved virgin forests.  Thousands of acres of land are filled with natural wonders starting from the Rocky River up the Ravine des Casoars.

Kangaroo Island is truly amazing day in and day out. If you plan to stay longer, you can extend your Kangaroo Island Accommodation and inform the hotel personnel for additional rental.

Read more about the Kangaroo Island: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangaroo_Island

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