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Holidays in Denmark with it’s beautiful and extraordinary treasures of nature, Denmark is rapidly becoming a must visit holiday destination. When visiting Denmark, you will experience their history and culture. Although it is the smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark is full of castles, historic towns, museums, Viking sites, white sandy beaches, and many unspoiled islands to be explored by nature enthusiasts. It was the home of famous Viking raiders, a violent public that used to surmount the lands, but it is at the present a modern country that is wealthy and, retained its old attraction. If you desire to maximize the Denmark holiday, then here are some places that you must visit.



1.) Amalienborg Palace
This serves up as the home to Denmark’s regal family. It does not permit any tours in the buildings, other than you can now admire its gorgeous architecture from outside. Though you can’t get in, you will though enjoy the varying of the protectors every day at closely noon.

2.) Assistant Cemetery
This is the popular Denmark holiday destination as here you can see resting places of the famous Danish citizens. This is where Hans Christian Andersen was then buried. Other well-known people are the Niels Bohr and the Peter von Scholten.

3.) Bakkehus Museum
This is the wonderful museum to the holiday as you can discover a lot of the history as well as the culture of Denmark. You will discover about Danish Golden Age of the Literature here.

4.) Barbie Doll Museum
This Barbie Doll Museum is the must-visit place if you are in Denmark Holiday. Not only the children will love it, but it also brings the reflective feeling to adults. Here, you can enjoy the vast collection of the Barbie Dolls.

5.) Botanic Garden of the Copenhagen
This is the beautiful botanic garden of Copenhagen where you can also take the walk with your dear ones. Here, you enjoy the wonderful sight of the park.

6.) Carlsberg Brewery
Who would have not heard the famous beers of the Carlsberg Brewery? You can also pay for the guided tour inside brewery where you can learn about the beer making.

7.) The Little Mermaid
When you are traveling in Copenhagen, never forget to visit the statue of Little Mermaid. It is also located at Kastellet, and it is very hard to miss because it has become the famous travel attraction. The Edvard Eriksen also created this well-known statue has the height of about 3.3 feet only.

8.) Slotsholmen
To hit many birds with only one stone, then visit Slotsholmen where you get to visit the museums and other well-known sights, everything in only one location. Here, you can see Royal Danish Arsenal Museum and the Black Diamond.

9.) Copenhagen Zoo
The memorable experience to adults as well as the children alike, the Copenhagen Zoo gives you the experience of a lifetime. You will here get to see the Tropical Zoo that has crocodiles and the tropical birds and animals Children’s Zoo offers amazing activities for young ones. This is the preferred tourist destinations of your Denmark holiday tour and boasts about 1.3 million visitors.

10.) The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
This is the museum that is located in the Copenhagen that is the home of wonderful works of art. Here, you can find arts made at the Ancient Europe time and the Medieval Europe Era. You will find contemporary pieces of art if you visit Europe, Holidays in Denmark.

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