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Pavilion with swimming poolCandidasa in East Bali is home to the majestic Villa Asada. The main reason why this villa is so popular is that it offers stunning views of Labuan Amak Bay. It is considered one of the best villas in Bali because of its quiet location. The noise and chaos of city life lay far from this secluded villa. It offers a lot of exclusivity because it only has four bedrooms good for eight grown-ups plus two children. It is surrounded by vast garden settings, a relaxing lounge and a stunning swimming pool where guests can relax. The design motif is Balinese modern style that mixes Bali antiques with modern furnishings and décor. There are ten staff members that take care of every guest’s needs.

Villa Sunset located in the southern part of Bali peninsula is very near Nusa Dua.  The Puri Tirta complex is home to this opulent villa. This is built along the shores of a tranquil lagoon that makes it one of the best villas in Bali. Beyond the lagoon lays a big expanse of the famous Indian Ocean for guests’ viewing. And if the waters of the lagoon are not enough for you, you can take a relaxing swim in the villa’s very own swimming pool. Besides, complimentary spa treatments like massages come with every stay in the villa. These are done in partnership with spas in nearby areas.

Aside from these, a team made up of security personnel, a butler, a maid and a chef will take care of every guest’s whim. Best Bali villas like Villa Sunset house a maximum of six guests.

Alternatively, Puri Nirwana Villa is the only luxury villa located in Cucukan in the Southeast part of Bali. It has six well appointed rooms. Known as one of the best villas in Bali, Puri Nirwana has a stunning front row view of the majestic Black Sand beach. Hence, it’s within reach of the famous Keramas surfing spot and has a capacity of fourteen guests at any time. It has big rooms and large areas and gardens that’s suitable for rent villas in Bali.

From the Southeast to the Southwest part in Seminyak, one will find Villa Asta. It is also considered one of the best villas in Seminyak. To add to the beach atmosphere, this villa emphasizes water in its décor with its Koi pond, waterfalls and stunning swimming pools. This villa is for the enjoyment of both adults and kids.

The above are just few of the rent villas in Bali, so make your pick.


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