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Are you looking for a perfect vacation destination? You must definitely try going to the coast of Lombok in Indonesia today. Find out why many tourists are falling in love with the hotels and accommodation in Gili Islands. Indeed, Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan are presently the latest craze for backpackers and budget travelers.

Beautiful sea and coastlineEach Gili Island is a vision of a tropical paradise. Turquoise waters, white sand beach, and coconut palms surround each islet. To help you enjoy the destination better, here are some accommodation tips. These will guide you to take advantage of the wonders of the islands.

Gili Air hotels and accommodation

For this Gili hotels and accommodation, you can choose whether to stay in luxury villas and mid-range resorts. For luxury accommodation, you can go either to Grand Sunset Gili Air or to the Waterfront Hotel. There are three more but these two are the most recommendable for family vacations and honeymoon getaways.

Manta Dive Gili Air Resort, Gili Air Escape, Satu Tiga Cottage are also perfect for those who want to spend $50-$100 only. They really are affordable but they provide almost the same things with higher priced accommodations.

All of the mid-range boasts air-conditioned rooms with a fully furnished setting. Some hotels and resorts offer outdoor pool and restaurants too. With everything, the drawback is that they only have limited services.

Gili Meno hotels and accommodation

The places to stay in Gili Islands also vary according to comfort, services, and affordability. Gili Meno is perhaps the most underdeveloped location with all the three islands. Hence, its accommodations aren’t as luxurious as the others but still, it’s a lovely destination for tropical vacations.

If you stay in Gili Meno, you can spend as much as $20-$150 for accommodation. Supposedly, Villa Mojo, Mahamaya Boutique Resort, Tropical Hideaway Resort and Mahogany Cottage are the most upscale. Each of the places is a gorgeous and high quality that boos different unique features.

For another hotels and accommodation in Gili Islands, You will find fantastic Cottage, Gili Hostels and more. These are the most affordable lodges in Gili Meno for budget travelers. All the same, they have located just a few meters away from the sea. While they also have great interior setup, these are mostly bare basic.

Gili Trawangan hotels and accommodation

Gili Trawangan is the most well-developed islet when it comes to the three Gili Islands. It has stunning beachfront where night parties are held every night. Restaurants, bars, and other facilities are mostly here too.

If you want to stay in Trawangan accommodation, they are worth $30 to $250. The priciest ones are either the top-rate resorts or the private villas. All of them are perfect for secluded vacations. If you’re in a honeymoon or you simply want to privately enjoy, there are Gili Teak Resort, Gili Vilas, Kokomo Resort and more.

Meanwhile, there is also affordable hotels and accommodation in Gili Islands. Backpackers and families can go to Manta Bungalows, Tir Na Nog, Samba Villa, Pesona Resort, Guiliano Residences and more. You already have great spaces with them while saving money to use for other island activities.

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